Yeshwanti Balagopal

I love the whole philosophy of Talégaon Farms. From their care for the farmers’ livelihood to the well-being of the free-range cows (as a family of animal lovers, this is very important to us!). No detail is too small for them to have considered. Their products are amazing – some of the most delicious butter and paneer so soft and fresh, the whole family loves it. And their customer service – personalised, genuine, friendly, transparent. It doesn’t get better than this. Thank you for all you do!

Sumita Pathak

I came across the Talégaon Farms products when I shifted back to Mumbai, and found my friends raving about the ghee and paneer from Talégaon products. And I’m definitely in agreement now. The ghee is deliciously fragrant, the paneer is healthy and fresh, it’s goodness in every spoonful! Thank you so much, guys!

Sunila Rajgarhia

I have been using Talégaon Farms products ever since lockdown started. And have never been more satisfied with quality of butter/ghee/paneer. The ghee and white butter are exactly how my Mom makes. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. I love their products and will continue buying from them only always now on.

Louise Sippy

So thankful to Talegoan Farms in supplying the most amazing Ghee. Supplied directly from the farm, it most certainly has made the most yummiest cuisines during lockdown. Also love the sumptuous White Butter! I look forward to being a long standing customer.

Soumya Vencatesan

I started using the paneer during the lockdown period and I am super impressed. In addition to the feel good factor that one is helping the farmer, the quality is excellent. I am now a complete convert and will continue buying from them even when things return to normal.

Leela Gopalkrishnan

Proper aroma of ghee n the consistency is very good quality! I use for roti, paratha , dosa and we extensively use while eating rice! We pour ghee on cooked rice while eating, the aroma n tase both is of superior quality n increases the taste of rice!

Deepika Pugliya

I have used the Talégaon ghee quite a few times and am a regular buyer of the paneer. One thing that stops me from procuring the paneer from anywhere else is its freshness.. The taste is as pure as homemade paneer, very soft too… Buying from anyone else is a big no for us since we started using Talégaon paneer.

Vaidehi aher

The products are very good, excellent quality, have been regularly using paneer, its soft and super fresh, love white butter too.

Spandana Reddy

I have tried the paneer from Talegoan Farms. The paneer has been really really soft, Like an absolute melt in the mouth.

Aditi Sinha

My family loves the Talégaon Farms Paneer and Ghee and has been having it very regularly. The Paneer is extremely soft and stays fresh up to a week. It’s ideal for use in curries, pakodas, burjis, tikkas or any preparation one can think of. The Ghee is just like ones pure home-made type…with a lovely golden yellow colour thick consistency and heavenly aroma.

Rachna Gupta

I have been taking Talégaon Farms products since last 8 months. I particularly like paneer and ghee. Both are fresh, good tasty ghee and good packing. Delivery has been convenient. It is a boon to have Talégaon products in Corona times.

Priyanjali saraaf

We have been using products from Talégaon ever since they started supplying to our building planet Godrej. All their products are fantastic but I especially vouch for their paneer and ghee. Very good quality and well priced with us waiting to reorder every week.

Ranjana Dasgupta

I have tried paneer, ghee and white butter from Talégaon Farms and all three products were excellent.
Used the white butter to make cakes and used it as a topping for parathas as well. Excellent results for both. The ghee is of excellent quality and now don’t like using any other ghee after using the Talégaon farm ghee. Would recommend everyone to try their products.

Preeti Choudhry

The concept of Talégaon Farms of connecting the farmers directly to the consumer is inspired. For the past two years they have evolved and gotten better at every opportunity, be it product quality, service or technology. The result being a premium brand which can be relied on for quality and efficient timely delivery.

Ashima Suri

I have been using Talégaon Farms Ghee regularly for the last 3 months. Since I do all my cooking in Ghee, I was looking for a healthy, high quality, reasonably priced, direct from Farm option. Talégaon Farm ticks all these boxes… Thanks for a wonderful product.

Heena Kapadia

As a happy customer of Talégaon Farms, I’ve enjoyed their high quality and fresh dairy products. It’s also been rewarding to support a social enterprise, and they have established themselves as a regular and reliable supplier to The Imperial (our society) after introducing them to our fellow residents . Best wishes and looking forward to more product launches!

Leena Sabharwal

Talégaon Farms is a Godsend. Being a Punjabi family paneer, desi ghee and white butter are staple for us. Their paneer is super soft and creamy. Their homestyle white butter is a perfect accompaniment for paranthas. Their delivery is prompt and staff is most courteous and patient. Talégaon Farms is sarvagun sampanna

Simrin Malkani

Superb white butter, it reminded me of my childhood days. The paneer and the ghee are also very pure and clean. I would definitely recommend Talégaon Farms for their products and service.

Milli Raja Ahuja

We love the paneer and white butter! Want to try the ghee next! All the best 🙂

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