Raw Wild Forest Honey – 500 gms

700.00 520.00

From the lush wilderness of the Maikal Hills in Madhya Pradesh, the Wild Forest Honey is rich and earthy in flavour. The fierce Indian rock bee gathers nectar from wild herbs like tulsi, amla and palash which are laden with healing properties. Harvested by resident experts (the tribals) from hives built hundreds of feet above the ground, this honey is nature’s gift rife with goodness.

At Talégaon Farms, we believe in shared prosperity. As a socially conscious and community driven enterprise, we strive to co-create our honey in the most natural way with the tribal inhabitants of Madhya Pradesh – straight from the hives, into your homes. 

Transparency, credibility, care are essential to everyone at Talégaon Farms.  Our honey is NMR tested in Germany and certified unadulterated. Rest assured, Talégaon Farms has the utmost care and concern for you family’s health and nutritional needs.

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