1) Are there any discounts if we purchase on Talégaon Farms website?

Yes! Products are available on discounts on our website. It is less than the MRP since all retail sellers take their margin.

2) Is it A1/A2 ghee?

Hi, thank you for asking! Our farmers have all kinds of cows, indigenous and non-indigenous origin. Currently, milk is not being separated as A1/A2 milk. However, the ghee is made traditionally.
We will come up with A2 milk ghee in the next couple of months.

3) What breed of cows do our farmers own?

We work with dairy farmers who own different breeds of cows. Our farmers have all kinds of cows, indigenous and non-indigenous origin. We firmly believe good milk quality and excellent farming practices are the key ingredients to making excellent products.

At Talégaon Farms, we encourage farmers to adopt practices like free-ranging cows (mukta-gotha). The practice allows the cows to graze freely and eat the grass of their choice in a natural, free environment.

4) What’s the shelf life of the ghee?

If the lid is closed tight and the jar is stored in a cool and dry place, then ghee lasts up to 6 months. However, we suggest our consumers to buy small batches frequently as we provide supply throughout the year. Fresh ghee is always available.

5) Do we need to refrigerate ghee?

No. Refrigeration is not needed for ghee.

6) Why are some parts of the ghee runny?

Ghee contains many fatty acids with different melting points. Ghee purchased on the Internet may not have the same homogeneous and smooth texture of store-bought ghee. It is due to the melting and crystallization of fats, depending on the weather conditions during transit. This does impact the texture, but there is no other effect on the taste, quality and shelf-life of the ghee.

7) Is the ghee certified as organic?

We believe it’s challenging to be organic in the true sense. As almost all farmers in our country use free-flow irrigation system – water from one field flows to another.

It’s almost impossible to produce organic ghee – hence we have not certified our ghee as organic.

We have ensured that our milk is of high quality, our process is foolproof and our products retain the innate goodness of milk and are naturally rich in nutritional value.

8) Is there a different price for wholesale orders?

Kindly call/WhatsApp us on +91 88284 33377 between the hours of 10 am and 7 pm to find out more about wholesale orders.

9) Do you accept cash on delivery?

We do not accept cash on delivery orders.

10) What are the delivery charges?

It’s Rs 70/- all over India.

Customers who order 2 kg or more will have the delivery cost refunded.