Farmer First

Talégaon Farms​ is a conscious, community driven social enterprise which works with farmers, artisans and communities alike to co-create products of exemplary quality and shares its goodness with the world at large. The organisation creates the ecosystem to address issues in the supply chain so that the communities can co-run and co-own a major part of the value chain and thus reap its benefits.

Mission: Working with Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), Self Help Groups (SHGs) and women led groups to curate special products so that they could move away from trading of raw materials to making and selling products of exceptional quality for the urban household.

Vision: To create a more prosperous and equitable world by creating process and systems to enable farmers, artisans and communities alike to co-own and co-run a major part of supply chain.

As a “for profit social enterprise”, we commit to reinvest most of our profits to further our social mission.

The story so far

Talégaon Farms started in 2017 at Talégaon, (a small village with a big lake) around 120 kms from Bombay, with a simple goal to find some sustainable solutions to problems that plague the farming community.

We realised it’s important that farmers need to move away from the practice of selling their produce to middlemen towards making products of exemplary quality and most importantly enable them to access markets to sell their products.

We made small batches of fresh paneer and small amounts of ghee at a tiny facility in Talégaon and put them on sale at a small farmers market in Pune. Soon we were making tens of kilos of paneer everyday.

Sometime in early 2018, we started visiting the farmers market on Napean Sea Road and it was on this very street that Mumbai discovered us. The word spread and so did the goodness.

One of our well-wishers introduced us to Nature’s Basket and it was indeed our customers who helped us reach Big Basket and Amazon enabling us to cater to far more people than we had imagined.

What makes us tick with our customers? We feel it’s the shared love for goodness and excellence. Our customers are happy that we are bringing them the best of the products by doing things the right way! They are delighted that they play a big role in this journey of goodness along with our farmers.

In pursuit of a bigger social impact and due to growing demand for our products, we have begun working with organizations far away from Talégaon. We no more operate from Talégaon, but it’s the place where the seed was sown and hence the name Talégaon Farms!